EMS studytour to Seattle & Boston (October 5 - 13)

For: (Register) Executive Marketeers/Strategen, Communication Professionals, Management Consultants

PE Points:

NIMA Qualified Lecturer: 30
Register Marketeer: 30 (those who prepare a case may add 5 extra points)
Senior Communication Professional: 30
Senior Digital Professional: 30
Senior Marketing Professional: 30


This year the annual 'marketing trip of all marketing trips' goes to the USA. To Seattle and Boston. A fascinating combination because Boston is the scientific center of this great country and Seattle is increasingly taking over the role and function of Silicon Valley. Scientific thinking and smart innovation are combined into products and services that we now only dare to dream of, but which will be in stores tomorrow.



In Boston we will go to Harvard or MIT. In any case, the Academic Day will take place there.

It consists of one or two top masterclass(es) from prominent professionals who will lead us to the new marketing areas. For example, this can be Targeted Social Media or Artificial Intelligence as the next step in Big Data, but it is certain that it will be impressive.

In the afternoon we tackle two solid cases with that new knowledge and insights. Cases from two organizations that have approached us to present their strategic issues to us. Quite a serious recognition for Register Marketeers and Sr. Marketing Professionals.


Seattle is the new Silicon Valley. USA recently announced that it will invest much more in A.I. Of course money is also going to California, but Seattle is also going to use a hefty bite of those American investments in the race for artificial intelligence. We will see where that ends up.


EMC Seattle English
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The entrance to the Pacific Science Center in Seattle. An impressive scientific museum with always impressive exhibitions.